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I currently offer Tai-Yi in San Diego County- but I do enjoy travel. If you live elsewhere and desire to heal with the assistance of Tai-Yi, please contact me, you never know where I'll be!  Check Life Energy Flow Tai-Yi School for a worldwide list of other certified practitioners.

"Jacqueline is amazing in her attention and ability. Both my 15 year old daughter and I loved the experiences, and found the treatments rewarding and helpful in our journeys forward. Thank you!" C.C.

For more information on preparing for your Tai-Yi treatment, what to expect, and aftercare, please visit the Life Energy Flow Tai-Yi School of Healing website.

I also work with fellow Tai-Yi practitioner Sharon Whyte of Ancient Arts Healing Center ~ Tai-Yi works best when there is a natural rapport between client and practitioner, and in some cases, we take a team approach to a more fully address a client's specific needs.

My daughters have brought me the most profound joy and understanding of what love truly is. I have also witnessed the challenges faced by their generation, the societal pressures, external and internal obstacles that block individuality & creativity, barriers to contentment and enjoyment of life. Most children and adolescents are being set up for a lifetime of pain unless they make changes that are appropriate for their well-being and come to know self on a deeper level. I want to support children and adolescents in finding their inner stability and true sense of self, so I offer Tai-Yi without charge for those age groups.