Quantum Field Approach to Healing

What is 'healing', and why does it matter?

All of us have aspects of our lives that we find dissatisfying, painful, or just plain empty. Maybe it's a physical disease or chronic pain, boring job you feel trapped in, a difficult relationship, or a feeling of being disconnected from your children and family- how many of us go through the motions of a daily routine, paying bills and getting it done, all the while thinking there's got to be more? The common attitude is, 'Well, that's just life, I just have to suffer through it.'

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The philosophy I use during counseling and preparation for Tai-Yi treatments is simple. I have personally experienced the power of taking complete responsibility for my part in whatever has been created in my life, be it a physical issue, emotional trauma, mental or spiritual discomfort. Because the physical world is the last stage of manifestation, what we call reality can be shifted using the quantum field for feedback as we make different choices. While not always comfortable or easy, the results are profound.

I use the term "quantum field" because in essence, each of us is living inside a sphere of mirrors, where attitudes and beliefs we hold (often not consciously) are reflected back to us in the form of disease or 'the other': a spouse or partner, children, a boss, home, lack of material abundance, even a car or an encounter with someone we don't know. Everything matters in the quantum field. Everyone, everything we attract and experience is designed to show us, by way of reflection, how we think, believe, and react, and why. So, in order to change what we experience on the outside, all it takes is shifting what is held on the inside.

Life truly is an incredibly profound and elegant, straightforward cause and effect based system. Once understood and the principles implemented on all levels, it becomes very simple and joyful to create positive change and learn the art of living fully.

Patterns are everywhere .

              ~ sometimes we just have to  search.

"  I recently received Tai-Yi from Jacqueline Lloyd ,and I have to say that it was one of the most profound healing experiences I've ever had. Jacqueline has the utmost integrity and compassion and I trusted her completely. She also used her ability to listen  and repeat information my Spirit helpers and soul  had to share with me as she traversed various points on my body. I gained deep insight into a critical issue, felt brilliant clarity and perspective, opened to compassion in my heart for myself and left with a beautiful sense of wholeness from the treatment. Amazing work from an amazing Tai-Yi practitioner!" C.L.