Tai Yi Treatments

Sometimes, we don't quite understand the deeper cause of our pain or the root of an issue. Why treat a symptom instead of the cause? I begin each session with a scan of your body and energy field. As a medical intuitive and an empath, I am often able to uncover issues or challenges that may be overlooked or not understood by standard medical practices. It is for this reason I ask clients NOT to tell me why they are seeking assistance. I like to approach each case without any prior knowledge so that unbiased information comes forward during the scan.  

As a spiritual counselor, I work at the highest levels of confidentiality and integrity. My insight comes from a place of compassion, complete respect, and a lot of "been there done that too" experience. I provide non-judgmental, honest and clear support on your personal journey. 

Please note: Tai-Yi is not intended to replace medical care.  It is meant as support for the healing of the whole.

The Power To Be One

Each of us is uniquely individual, yet connected to the whole

Abnormal Thyroid

The Hormonal Human

Shielding The Mind From Human Drama

The Sweetheart

The Heart of Dis-Ease, Dis-ease Of The Heart

Qual de Say ~ 8th Body Of Awareness

Missing Life

Core Essence

Relationship To Action

Discovering The Escape Route

Death Of Karma

Fusion Of Life

River Of Mud

Star Of Heart

Hope Of Pain

Dust Of Liver

The Governing Channel For Life (Part I)

Conception Channel (Part II)

The Human Rainbow

Digestive Mud

Universal Eye

Sin Of I

Soul Block

Transmitters Of Life

Spiritual Puberty

The Heated Head Of Disruption

Internal Weather ~ 4 Part Treatment

Dark Side Of The Moon ~ 2 Part Treatment

The Primitive Beast Of Resistance ~ 3 Part Treatment

Sugar Dragon ~ 3 Part Treatment

The Hormonal Human

Animalistic Nature Of Pain ~ 5 Part Treatment

Immunity Of Thought ~ 2 Part Treatment