"Life Energy Flow Tai-Yi is the most powerful hands on healing modality available when the treatment is of perfection. The core principle making Life Energy Flow Tai-Yi unique is the integration of twelve bodies, each body having its own set of meridians with a grid system and gate system, connecting each to universal innate intelligence by way of  harmonizing strings. Life Energy Flow Tai-Yi is an ancient teaching from thousands of years ago, forgotten by most...

Teaching  and connecting the twelve bodies is what makes Tai-Yi  so unique and powerful.  Many understand  the physical body has meridians, as made popular by acupuncture. Currently there are no healing modalities besides Tai-Yi that teach the meridian and grid system of all twelve bodies."

~ Hossca Harrison, teacher and founder of Life Energy Flow Tai-Yi School of Healing


Q: What do I wear for my treatment, if anything?

A: Tai-Yi is performed with the client fully clothed. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that has no metal (which interferes with the treatment). Please leave all jewelry at home. Implants like pace makers should not interfere with the treatment, but please inform me of any internal medical devices.

Q: If it's like acupuncture, do you use needles?

A: No needles or tools or any devices are used in a Tai-Yi treatment. Universal energy is offered through the hands of the practitioner at precise points on the body to rebalance the flow of energy within the client's meridian system, specific to what imbalance the treatment is designed to address.

 As a student of Tai-Yi, I am committed to learning - to perfection - the techniques and treatments of this complex healing modality. The grid points must be precise, the quality of energy universal and strong, and the highest integrity held by the practitioner in performing each treatment are all critical elements for a successful outcome. I travel four times a year to school, where I am tested and given feedback on my performance in order to improve. I am also taught new treatments during each class.

What I appreciate about Tai-Yi is that I'm never done learning. There is always room to grow, more to understand, more to evolve as an individual and as practitioner of this ancient healing art.  Each treatment I give is unique in how the client experiences and processes their own growth, and I always learn from my clients as well.  We really are all in this world together, meant to share and to support each other.

Tai-Yi ~ working with universal energy

"Jacqueline Lloyd performed the heart-opening treatment "The Power To Be One" on me. It was my first Tai-Yi treatment ever. It will not be my last! She was the perfect practitioner for me, professional, capable and very reassuring all at once. She instructed me as to her actions at each step, which helped me feel relaxed throughout. I could feel the energy shifting from the beginning and had a powerful internal, emotional experience.  It was a rare combination, being gentle and intensely transformative. I highly recommend Jacqueline and Tai-Yi to anyone seeking healing and growth."

~ H.H.D., Marriage and Family Therapist

Optimal Healing  moves like a spiral. Steady, deliberate progress
What Is Tai-Yi?

For more information on what to expect during your Tai-Yi treatments and instructions for preparation and aftercare, please visit the Life Flow Energy School of Tai-Yi website.

Review from R.H. ~ on the Tai-Yi Treatment "Shielding The Mind From Human Drama":

"I've had LOTS of breakthroughs! A couple of times I've felt kind of overwhelmed, but I'm learning how to stop that feeling. I either just change my whole thought process (think about positive things that are happening and not dwell on the negative) or change what I am doing at that moment. Every day, several times a day, something will just 'click' and things make sense. All in all it's been a really great week! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"